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Edinburgh, UK

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I expect high protocol etiquette and manners from my slaves and submissives. I am highly selective with whom I choose to serve Me. My preference and pleasure is derived from long term, deep commitments and ownership. I do not enjoy casual, shallow engagements whereby slaves believe they can instruct a Mistress to simply play out their preconceived ideas within a prescribed and controlled session of their own making. I own my sessions, you do not.

Fetishists and kinksters who lean more towards fabric worship & powerplay than submission are invited to approach respectfully and discuss this at the start of Our communication. I adore this kind of play but do not appreciate those who pretend to be submissive and resentfully so.


I truly relish in and commit to the training of my submissives. I expect sacrifice, impeccable manners and respect along with true worship of body and mind. My corrective procedures are swift and exact to create a slave worthy of My dominance.

Your role is that of an insignificant male, you will never be equal to your Mistress. Female Supremacy is the true way forward.

You were born to serve and submit.

You will cherish, honour and obey at all times or expect immediate correction for your failings.

Your pure purpose in life is to give Me pleasure.

There is no greater honour than to be collared by Me.

You will obey,  submit and sacrifice your mind and body, giving over to my total dominance.

You will be owned by Me